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 Wolf Ranks

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PostSubject: Wolf Ranks   Wolf Ranks EmptyMon Sep 14, 2015 6:08 pm

All the wolf ranks

Alpha: The alphas are leaders who rule their pack. They give out orders and the wolves with lower ranks should follow them or there will be consequences. They are the ones who do the ceremonies and announcements. They also declare war on other rival packs and they eat first when the tribe hunters hunt large prey. The alphas should be respected at ALL times. There can be 1 or 2 alphas in a pack.

Heir: The Heir is the next in line Alpha or Alphess. They will be trained by their parent's and learn the way's of the pack laws. They take over if the Alpha's retire, are killed / dies, or challenge their parents.

Beta: The betas are second in command after the alphas. They take charge when their leaders are not here. They help the alphas when they need advice and they help out the other members if needed (Babysit pups, etc). The betas stand by their leader's side when needed and they should be respected also. They are the second to eat. There can be 1 or 2 betas in a pride.

Guardian: The guardians are the one who protect and quard their alpha's. They protect the pack from intruders and dangerous rivals. They usually follow their alphas around or look after their pups. They assist regular wolves when they need help (with fighting or training). There will be 2 guardians in a pack.

Warrior: The warriors guard the outermost parts of their pack-- unlike the guardians. Their jobs are to protect their pack with their skills. The warriors will report anything that's unusual or dangerous to the alpha or beta. They will train the 'apprentices' to be warriors if they want to be one when they grow up.

Hunter: The regular hunters hunt with the lead hunter(s) to take down large prey. They will sometimes hunt smaller prey by themselves for the pack. They should follow the lead hunter's instructions while hunting. Without them, the pack will not survive too long. They will train the 'apprentices' to be hunters if they want to be one when they grow up.

Healer: The healers help the the pack by providing medical attention. When there is nobody left to heal, they will often hang around or stock up their supplies. They will train the 'apprentices' to be healers if they want to be one when they grow up.

Apprentices: They are wolves who are about 7-23 months old. When they choose what rank they want to practice in (Regular ranks only), the alpha will choose a wolf to mentor them until they reach 24 months old. When they pass their assessments, they will become said  rank they choosed to be.

Pup: Pups stay with their mothers until they reach 7 months old. They are not allowed to leave the camp without an adult wolf with them.

Omega: The omegas are the lowest ranking wolves in the pack, but they are important. They keep the peace between pack members. They also run errands for adult wolves in the pack. They must make sure that the dens are clean and they eat last. If a wolf is in a high or regular rank and they break the rules in their pack, the alpha could immediately give them the omega rank. Omega's also care for any of the packs offspring.

Wolf Ranks O9o3ur
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Wolf Ranks
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