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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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Odette is not a small member of her species, but not a large femme either. She stands at 70 cms to the shoulder, with silky, thick fur that mostly stays the same colour, gaining a reddish tint during summer. She has large paws, completely with sharp, talon-like claws on the end, an within small jaws are sharp teeth. Her main coat colour is a dusty tan, with a coffee-cream underbelly. She has a lean, lengthy figure, that allows her long, fast strides. All along her she has small black spots, as well as her ears are lined with black, and tipped with two tufts of black fur. Her muscles are strong for jumping and climbing, and she weighs in at 55 lbs in a good year, filled with lots of prey just for her. Her eyes, though, are what stick out. Sparkling like sapphires in the light, they have but the slightest touch of green in them, turning them a teal-ish colour. Matched with black-as-night pupils, they are her most charming attribute, of an already beautiful vixen.

Odette 23hn135

Odette has a fairly normal kithood as far is they went, being born into a litter of five, she was the fifth, and smallest kit. But just because she was the smallest, didn't mean she was very small, simply smaller than her three brothers and one sister. She was, by far, the most fierce out of the group, and though she was the youngest and smallest, she was also expected the most out of, as she always pushed herself. Most responsibility was thrown on her by her siblings, and even her parents, at times. And her siblings always hated her for how much she prospered and was favoured, though they could just as easily try hard. They would sabotage her work, or take credit for it, too lazy to do the work themselves. They would push her down whenever she tried to eat first, and would chase her away whenever she tried to play. Whenever they would try to bother her, however, she would send them away with a hiss and more claw marks in their pelt, unless they ganged up on her, and she was overpowered. As soon as she turned a year, she was old enough to  hunt, while most of her brothers and sister goofed off, acting as if they were truly trying, but were really faking it, she was determined to learn. And so, she did, and was the first out of all five cubs to go out on a hunting trip by herself. However, that proved to be a mistake, as when she returned - empty pawed, no less - she found her family being attacked by a rabid wolverine. Pouncing, together, they managed to fight him off, but two of her brothers, Erratic and Nyson, had been infected, as well as her sister and her mother, Makine and Syris. Her father, Krystan and her eldest brother, Bengal had been left untouched, managing to escape without any wounds. Odette, terrified, decided that her father and brother would be left there to make sure her siblings and mother didn't wander off, while Odette went to find the necessary herbs to help heal them.

For days she searched, almost a full month of hiding from predators, somehow sustaining herself on mice and small, dumb birds that couldn't escape the claws of a child. Finally, she retrieved all that she needed and returned, half-starving and desperate. But as she returned, she saw her mother and her sister pinning her father down, tearing into him, while Bengal lay dead, evidently having been bitten early on, and killed very quickly by the illness. Erratic was nowhere to be found, and Nyson lay, unable to move from the sickness, foaming at the mouth. Ears pinning back, Odette stood in shock as the scene played out before, until Syris and Makine killed her father and finally looked up at her, spitting and charging for her. Dropping the herbs she had searched so hard to find, Odette took off like a shot, paws trampling the earth beneath them as she ran like her life depended on it, which it did. Once the shock subsided, anger bubbled up in her, and stopping at a cliff, she waited for her mother and sibling to catch up to her. Although, only Syris caught up to her, Odette could only assume what had happened to her sister. Standing her ground, Odette roared at her mother, and ducked when she was charged at, narrowly missing being swiped at. Tucking her legs under her, she rolled, her claw raking down the elder Lynx's shoulder. Syris quickly turned around, jaws opening, and Odette lurched, causing Syris' fangs to attack to her shoulder, rather than her neck, where she had been aiming. Wrapping her paws around Syris' neck, Odette clawed viciously into her, loosening her grip and tossing her off. Avoiding Syris' snapping jaws, Odette lunged, toppling her dam over the edge of the cliff. Syris screamed, falling for a good three seconds, before it fell silent. After a moment, Odette fled, swearing never to return. Stumbling back to her very first home, Odette stepped around the scattered dead bodies, hoping not to run into her brother. Quickly taking the herbs that had been intended for her family so she herself didn't get infected from the bite, she began her journey far away.

She traveled for months, maturing from a frightened yearling, to a strong, mature lynx. Finally settling down some place, she met a male named Blase, a Canadian Lynx, and after some time, fell in love with him. That coming spring, when she was turning three, they became mates and had a litter of three cubs. However, that did not last long for her, as five months after the litter was born, her newfound family was caught up in a fire. Odette searched through the flames until she nearly died from the heat and smoke, but eventually was forced to flee, hoping she'd catch scent of them. She looked for them where she could, for two whole months, but found not even a scent of one of them, though she figured it had all been burnt away in the forest fire. Regretfully once again leaving a life behind, she traveled away from where she currently rested, until she was once again in a whole new realm of territories, a new place to explore, but now a little more resistant to the idea of starting a family. She has claimed her own square of territory, but mostly freely roams other territories, easily able to sneak between them without being detected until it was too late to catch her, shaking her scent or misdirecting it.

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Odette Pbucket

Before you begin roleplaying please post in the links below.

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