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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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Beta Banshee
Beta Banshee

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Character Information
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Wolf

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PostSubject: Banshee    Banshee  EmptyWed Sep 16, 2015 11:12 am

Character Name: Banshee

Age: 4 years

Species: Arctic Wolf


Desired Rank: As The Alpha Sees Fit

Character Looks:
Bashee is a slender, arctic wolf. She has a muscular build from her early years being trained. She is slender, being slightly smaller than the average wolf makes her quite fast. Her fur has under tones of grey, but there isn't a hint of any other color besides grey in her soft white fur. Years of harsh treatment has affected her appearance however. Scarring has disfigured her looks over time. She has several scars on her muzzle, left back leg and neck.  All given over time by her father and mentor, although her beauty is entrapped among those scars she sees them as reminders. She was never good enough, in appearance or skill, that was why she left. Her travels have strengthen her long legs and built up her resistance to the world around her.  

Banshee  Banshee_zpsokrnwjfq

Neglect, was a word that over time Banshee knew well. Her life started off being born first and with her brother being the only ones to survive. For her mother, it had been a difficult birthing and after birthing she left because of it. Perhaps it was the difficult birth, or the responsibility that fell on her young shoulders. Either way, the young mother left without even a look back. Her father, the beta of the pack they resided in, felt anguish and grief over it. Seeing as Banshee and her brother were the only ones out of the small litter to survive, they were given to another nursing mother to actually live. Banshee and her brother Ezio had been given to a mother who had three pups, who were smaller than the two of them. Banshee and Ezio grew up believing the black fae had been their mother, when all along their true mother had died in birth. Banshee and Ezio were much larger than their adopted siblings, making rough playing harder on them. Often Ezio and Banshee were snapped at for hurting their smaller "siblings." Banshee grew fond of their real father early on, for he would come visit them often. However, their father wasn't to fond of either of them. He only saw them as burden's, blaming them for their mother's disappearance. They of course didn't know what really had happened, but he still felt a deep hatred for them. Banshee became an apprentice under her father's paw, while Ezio got their uncle. Ezio was a little jealous that his sister got the attention from their father, and was always a bit bitter towards her. She didn't really know what to expect of her father's training but she soon found out.

Becoming a warrior was something Banshee had wanted since she was younger. She had always played pretend with her brother being a warrior. It was a dream for her to become a true warrior, and when her father had become her mentor she had been a bit surprised. Her father hadn't been apart of their lives a lot, so when Banshee was given the chance to impress her father she took it. The fondness she had felt her father in the beginning was soon diminished over time as she began to realize the hatred he felt for her. She had taken on a harsh treatment from her father, and it all started with training. Militaristic training had been what her father trained, and he pushed Banshee beyond physical and mental points. Every time she was out of step, or place he would attack her. He wanted her to know just how strong he was, just how much hell he could put her through. Banshee could hear the hatred in his deep guttural voice every time he spoke. Over the year and half of training, Banshee received many scars. She received physical and mental blows that could cripple a wolf. Banshee took it all, and in the end became the warrior that she had so ever often wanted. However, warrior was not what she wanted now. She wanted to take down her father, feeling his hatred had insisted a rude hatred in herself. While Ezio had it easier, he did not see the lust Banshee had for the position her father had taken on. Banshee was not power hungry, she wanted to see her father fall.

The chance for that, never came to be. Her father had died in his sleep, and not by her paws. In fact, he had died more peacefully than any wolf she had ever met. That was not how he was meant to die, and in her frustrations she was pushed over the edge. Mentality and all was forsaken and she became the creature her father had shaped her. Leaving the pack before any harm could come to her sibling or other wolves she left. What emotions she felt inside of her were not long to be hidden. She left the valley she had once called home, she left the lands she once knew and when she finally stopped running she was in a new place. Uncharted land it seemed, and collapsing on weakened paws she cried out. Her howl echoed off the trees, the land and came back to her. Her howl was full of many emotions but once her voice had tapered off it was silent. Nothing more than the wind to comfort her she rested. When awoken the next day by droplets of rain coming down on her pelt, she got up. Her life as a loner had begun, but it would not be so for long. She had never lived outside of a pack, of course she had obtained the skills to do so she needed a pack to at least keep her sanity. Moving through lands, it took her a good year to find herself again. Although what had broken inside of her, stayed broken she continued on with her pitiful life. Coming upon new lands, which was never a surprise at this point, the scent of other wolves were strong. Stopping among the border she finally decided to call out, and make a new home.

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Character Information
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Species: White Siberian tiger

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PostSubject: Re: Banshee    Banshee  EmptyWed Sep 16, 2015 3:11 pm

Welcome Banshee to Beautiful Creatures. Your application has been  Banshee  3039084193 . Please make a thread in Erosea parklands and wait for alpha Titan accept you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to pm a staff member.

Banshee  O9o3ur
I also rp Mercenary Lux and Remedy
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