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 Challenging Guide/Rules

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Challenging Guide/Rules Empty
PostSubject: Challenging Guide/Rules   Challenging Guide/Rules EmptyFri Sep 18, 2015 4:30 pm

Welcome, Guest. This is the thread for the rules set for spars and fights. Here's where all the information and rules for fighting will be, to keep them fair. Be sure to notify a member of the staff when you are having fights without pre-determined winners, and do not attempt to have a regular member or yourself judge who wins.

No Godmodding and/or Powerplaying! - Refer to PP and GM guidehere for information on what this is. You must fight fairly, and realistically within your character's range of skill - a one year old lion cub would not be able to overthrow the King

You must reply within three days! - This is so the fight doesn't drag on for too long or people aren't waiting for replies for two months. However, if you know you're going to be away for more time than this, tell the staff, and they will decide how much longer you should be given before the fight is forfeited to your opponent.

Each person must post at least five times! - This is so the staff have a clear idea of what your skill level is, and judge who should be the winner of the fight.

There are also several different kinds of spars and fights that can occur, that will also effect the outcome.

Rank Challenge - This happens to animals who live within a group. Perhaps an Omega in a wolf pack wants to fight for the right to be a Warrior, or the Beta wishes to overthrow the Alpha and drive them out. Such fights will always be judged fairly by staff not involved in said fights.

Power Challenge - These usually occur out in the wild, but can also occur within a group. It's simply a case of one animal wishing to show they are more powerful than another, normally practiced by Alphas and Kings to lower ranking members, but can be done by other high rank > low rank, or equal ranked members. It can also be done by those wishing to claim another Solitary animal's territory.

Prey Challenge - These happen when two animals - most often loners and solitary animals, or Pack animals against Solitary animals - wish to have the same prey, or to steal another's prey. Normally it ends with one forfeiting their kill, or the attackers being chased off, or losing interest eventually.

Spars - These are harmless spars done among friends, or those assisting each other in training. They are not meant to kill or truly harm the other, simply test each others' abilities.

These fights will be judged by the staff by points. Depending on how many points the defense and attacks have against each other, and how effective and realistic they are, a winner will be chosen. Points may be reducted for powerplaying or godmodding.
Ex - Head lowered = five points
tail tucked = three points
etcetera. Good luck!

When you are fighting paste the code below your post.

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Challenging Guide/Rules
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