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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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 Power Playing & God Modding

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Beta Banshee
Beta Banshee

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PostSubject: Power Playing & God Modding   Power Playing & God Modding EmptyFri Sep 18, 2015 5:07 pm

Hello, Guest this thread is information about power playing and god modding. This thread will only be altered by staff members, if any members have suggestions to add to this thread please PM a staff member.

Power Playing -
What is power playing? Power playing is when a character controls not only your character but their own as well. To simplify when in roleplay if a character is controlling yours and their own in the post it is powerplaying.

Example: -Banshee and Titan-

Banshee pushes Titan to the ground, her growl fierce deep in throat. She snapped at his muzzle, biting down feeling the warm crimson blood flow into her mouth. She then lifted her head bringing Titan up and shaking her head, ripping deep wounds into his muzzle. When Titan tried to move, she bit down harder and as he tugged harder she pulled back. When he opened his jaws pulling free, she tried to snap at him again as he jumped back.

Power Playing Continued - Controlling Titan's character in the example post above is a big no-no. Power playing is unfair and no fun. Power playing is sometimes hard to avoid, especially if the character is not around often. One exception to power playing is if the person gives permission to do so. Please remember this because the offenders to this rule will be warned.

God Modding - What is it? God Modding is when someone makes a character "god like". That means that the character has exceptional skills at almost anything. God Modding is also considered into a post when the character is never hit in a fight, or always catches their prey on the first time. It simply means that their character never fails. In real life that would never happen, and on BC we don't intend for it to happen either.

Example: -Banshee and the Deer-

Banshee ran at full speed, the forest a blur around her. Her speed was faster than any wolf in the area, and her as she ran the scent of deer became pungent. She turned her body to follow the scent and when coming upon the herd of deer she attacked. The first deer she found was a full size buck and she grabbed onto it's throat. When it kicked it's hooves out to kick her, she didn't feel a thing. She wasn't hit by the deer as she dragged it to the ground and tore out its throat killing it immediately.

God Modding Continued - As you see above, Bashee was after the deer with full speed and taking down a full size buck. She would have become tired, and been hit a few times by hooves. Taking down a full size buck alone is almost impossible. God Modding is unfair to others, and it is very unlikely for most things others God Mod about. Breaking this rule when roleplaying is against the rules.

Please follow these rules when roleplaying on BC.  

Power Playing & God Modding BansheeSig_zpstm23zhay
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Power Playing & God Modding
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