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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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Alphess Remedy
Alphess Remedy

Posts : 4
Join date : 2015-09-19
Age : 18
Location : It's required of me to keep this a secret.

Character Information
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Polar Wolf

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PostSubject: Remedy the vixen    Remedy the vixen  EmptySat Sep 19, 2015 7:17 pm

Character Name:

Five years old

Arctic Wolf


Desired Rank:

Character Looks:
Remedy is a pure white arctic wolf with a tint of dirty cream fur. She has a slim streamline body structure with smaller muscles under her thick pelt. She is not a large wolf, but not considerably small. Her fur is rather thick around her shoulders and neck, a fluffy tail trails behind her adding to her beauty and grace. Long thin legs raise her higher up. Remedy is adorned with two almond colored orbs that are more lighter around the irises. A black nose and black lips that hold sharp white teeth. A nose that's great for hunting and smelling things. Remedys fur thins out during the spring and summer. Her white silky soft fur  turns more  of a cream color while in winter she blends in with the snow.


Remedy's life was fair, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't peaceful either. Like all wolves start off she was conceived and then born with her two brothers, Ranjo and Skipper. She was born first but was the runt in the litter, ate less then her towering brothers. Her mother was a huntress like Remedy till this day and her father was a healer. Remedy was a big daddy's girl. When she was old enough she always was around on an adventure, finding something to tackle or play with besides her brothers. At the age of an adolescent she grew more into her naughty persona. Her brothers were always off together doing something, leaving her out of it. Every once in a while she would follow then and spoil their plans when it came to other females they were flirting with. She also loved to play tricks on the Alphas son, Paris.

To be honest he was cute but Remedy never liked him, she thought he was a jerk since he seemed to always be bossy. One day she crashed into him and that didn't go well. She was with her friend Levon at the time, she yelled at Paris and he seemed to enjoy it which only mad Rem angrier. Finally Levon pulled her away. He was the peace maker, always trying to apologize for her mistakes. One thing Rem didn't know was that Levon liked her which was a bit hard later on in the month. Paris messed with Remedy, always finding away to get her alone to mess with. At the age of two Paris confesed his feelings knowing Rem she was a bit confused about her own so she avoided him and asked her mom for help. She told her what to do. Two days passed and she finally got the courage to tell him but the thing was Paris was already to be wedded with another female named Jewel. Paris didn't tell her this so when she heard about it she was  furious and confronted him about it. They got into a fight and said things they didn't mean.

She avoided him and his mate, he seemed happy so she let him be. One day her mother became ill and died shortly after. Paris had enough courage to show his face at her den, he apologized and informed her about the pregnancy of Jewel. Everybody was happy at the new alphas pups but Remedy. Her brothers already moved on about their mothers death and were starting family's of their own as well was Levon. A month later and her father passed on from old age Rem was just recovering from the loss of her mother and this didn't help. Remedy decided a new pack would be good to start over with so she left. Leaving her family, her first love, only friend and the birth of herself. She never seen them again. She found a new pack called the Mist Night and stayed there for a while, proving herself worthy. Her first few months were spent as a Hunter. During her stay she met an older male. He was a fighter within the pack, he was quite, mysterious. That called out to Remedy, but she ignored her feelings. One day she went to the lake and was spooked by the fighter known as Titan. Both got off on the wrong foot with Remedy being the over bearing, sly vixin she is. Mix that with Titan's quite, calm personality and you get fire and ice. It took a year for the both to get on good terms. It was around this time that Paris came, looking for Remedy. While Remedy was hurt Titan was there for her to lean and cry on. It was how their relationship grew. Time flew by before Titan become Alpha and made Remedy his Beta. Not long after Titan disapeared, Remedy took control of the pack before searching for Titan.

She did not know that a few hours later Titan returned finding Remedy gone. Remedy continued her search leaving the pack behind. About three months passed before Titan and Remedy found each other again. But it was short lived. A bear came out of nowhere attacking the two and effectively separating them. Remedy soon learned that it was planned out. A few years passed, Remedy kept searching for Titan but came up empty handed. Until now.

Theme Song:

Genie in a bottle By Christina Aguilera

How did you find us?:
I own the place!

Joining Key:
Founder of site– Myth
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Beta Banshee
Beta Banshee

Posts : 18
Join date : 2015-09-15
Age : 24
Location : My Inner Imagination

Character Information
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Remedy the vixen    Remedy the vixen  EmptySat Sep 19, 2015 11:46 pm

Remedy the vixen  Pbucket

Before you being roleplaying please post in the links below.

Name Claim

Remedy the vixen  BansheeSig_zpstm23zhay
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Remedy the vixen
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