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 Benka the Wise~

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Character Information
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Species: African Lion

PostSubject: Benka the Wise~   Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:44 am

Character Name: Benka (Ben - Kuh)

Age: 6

Species:African Lion


Desired Rank: Kahuna

Character Looks:
Benka is one of the decently sized lions, standing at 121 cm to the shoulder. His tail is very long and reaches the ground easily. His pelt colors are deep and earthy colors. Brown covers his entire body, with black across his mane and some across his face. He has cream tracing across his chin and throat, under his chest and belly, down to his paws. Scars running across his body, mainly upon his face as if he had been struck many times. He has deep green eyes, dark like the forest. Dark brown tufts cling to under his legs, making him look royal. He has a broad frame that stretches out to a wide body. Large legs that carry his body with muscles ripped to kill. Russet colors cover his endearing face, stretching out to try and cover the scars. Pink nose with black surrounding it, long whiskers that are made to guide him.


In a land far away from these, a young lioness was left all alone in a den meant for rogues. She cried out in shrieking pain, yowls escaping her maw as she gave birth to her cubs. The father had abandoned her, and most of the pride as well. But outside the den stood guard a large lion, white as snow with blue eyes. He was an elder in their old pride, and he was angered when the pride, and king, left the young lioness to fend for herself. The elder had down his best to provide for her, but the king of the old pride (known as Keokin) got word that the lioness he had abandoned was to bear his kin. The hunt began. The king wanted her killed since she was 'impure' and not chosen to be his bride, so she had to go, and so did the young cubs. Luckily, the lioness and elder were far away by the time she gave birth to Benka and his brothers. She smiled upon her youngest and named him. "Benka, you shall be wise, I would think." Those were the words his mother said when she looked at him, not knowing how she would hate him. The elder lion agreed that the name was fitting of the young cub.

Life for Benka was peaceful for the first 6 months. The king of Keokin finally found them, his scouts returning with the information and he set out with his best fighters to take down the lioness Benka knew as his mother, and the elder that Benka soon accepted as his step-father. They were attacked during the night, his brothers killed off in front of him and his mother. But as the king approached them, he saw the spitting image of a younger version of himself. Benka had his green eyes rather then the lioness' blue hues. "Take the lad to the pride-lands." He hissed out the words, and his minions did so without question. Benka hissed and fought with all his might, one of the large males smacked him across the face with his sharp claws. Leaving a scar over his right eye and part of his muzzle. His mother spat out words of hatred as he was dragged away. He would have been the only survivor, but the elder that had been like a father to him was the reason the pride had found them. He was one of their scouts. Benka wasn't all to blame for looking like his bio-logical father, but he knew that was the only reason he was taken away from his mother and not killed. He heard her yowls of pain when he was dragged away, and then there was silence in which he wept. For his mother may have hated him, but he loved her.

Benka aged nicely, he was the prince of the pride-lands and had a step-mother and a father. He remembered everything that had happened in the past 6 months. He was a year old, but he was not the heir to the throne. His step-mother had given birth right after he had been forced to join the pride-lands. He was assigned two guards, to watch him no matter what. One was a lioness who watched him during the night, the other was an albino lion who watched him during the day. His new siblings didn't have to deal with guards, but they were naturally evil in his mind. He had a younger sister, one who clung to him like he was the best thing in her life. Then he had a spoiled brother who thought he was better then most. Benka and his brother, Liviu, were always fighting since the day Liviu could talk. Liviu had no respect for Benka when he realized that the older lion was 'impure'.

Benka had no spew with Liviu until Liviu killed their sister, Tersu. They had been on a mountain, playing near the ledge when Liviu shoved Tersu over the ledge, thinking she would simply hang there until Benka pulled her back up. But Benka had his back turned, he was talking with his guard. He heard her cry and when he turned, it was too late. She was gone. Benka refused to leave the mountain until they found her body and brought it back as a show of what Liviu had done. When they found her body, it was limp and horrifying to look at. But Benka carried her with all his strength. Covered in her blood, he lay her body down in front of the king. Liviu stepped up, quivering in fear and spoke lies into the king and queen's heart and mind. "It was Benka, father! He killed my dear sister as revenge for you killing his siblings! He threatened to kill me too if I told, but I had to you the truth!" Benka listened to his words, and he knew, who would believe the outcast over the heir? The only one who knew the truth was the guard, and the guard smiled weakly before stepping between Benka and his father. "Run!" and that he did. He never looked back, running with all his might to the mountain that killed Tersu, to the place that would provide his escape.

Benka had managed to escape due to a soft-spot in the king's heart for him. But he knew if he ever came face to face with any of them, he would surely have to fight for his life. He traveled alone for the next year, simply trying to get as far away as possible, heading to where the sun was setting. He knew how to fight, and he knew how to fend for himself. So he trained himself to better in hunting and stealth. When he turned two years old, he met a Panther that was highly skilled in herbs, but was mute. He, at first, had a very hard time understanding what she meant. But as he hung out with her, he learned what certain movements meant and what certain facial expressions meant. He was soon able to guess the proper names of certain herbs from memory. He had always enjoyed hanging around the lion's that worked with herbs, and so he found great joy and comfort with the panther.

After a few years with the lone Panther, she decided to leave him in order to find her own path. So he was separated from her and continued to roam the lands until he heard of a pride, something he had been avoiding for years at this point. He decided to test his luck and so he started to make his next move, to join the pride known as Lyokoan.

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How did you find us?:
I know Myth/I'm Titan

Joining Key:
Joining key have been found and removed for the fair joining of others - Myth
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Posts : 6
Join date : 2015-09-20
Age : 19

Character Information
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Species: African Lion

PostSubject: Re: Benka the Wise~   Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:42 pm

Bump~ Finished~
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Character Information
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Species: White Siberian tiger

PostSubject: Re: Benka the Wise~   Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:53 pm

Before you begin rping please post in the links below.

-Name Claim


I also rp Mercenary Lux and Remedy
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PostSubject: Re: Benka the Wise~   

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Benka the Wise~
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