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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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Solitary Animal 2♂ | 3♀ |5
Lykoan pride 1♂ | 2♀ |3
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 Lux the snarky lion

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Mercenary Lux
Mercenary Lux

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Character Information
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Species: Northeast Congo Lion

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PostSubject: Lux the snarky lion    Lux the snarky lion  EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 12:48 pm

Character Name:

5 years old

A Northeast Congo Lion


Desired Rank:

Character Looks:
Lux has a tawny, golden, and bronze colored pelt with emerald colored eyes. He has a thick mane that is golden around his face, framing it before it turns into a darker brown into completely black. His mane goes all the way to his stomach and ends as a thin strip of hair. His elbow's have tuft's of hair from his mane. Weighing at 420lb and standing at 4.1ft he's avarage size for a full grown male. Some of his cub spot's can still be found on his sides, legs, and stomach, but they are faded. His body is marked with scar's, but the most major scars are on his right side that leads to his stomach and his stomach / chest. It is only truly noticeable when he lay's on his back, belly up. Despite his scars he could be a handsome fellow.


Lux had a tough life. His father was a cruel beast who punished those who opposed him, his mother often disappeared for day's on end when Lux was finally able to be introduced to the pride. His aunt's were not exactly helpful either. Sure they fed him and his siblings / cousin's, but Lux never got any attention as his aunt's were often busy taking care of their own cubs or hunting. His whole lift Lux was left loveless, he doesn't even know what the word means. It was around the time Lux was 10 months old that his father started giving him attention, training him in the art's of fighting and leading. Being young, naive, and happy his father was giving him attention Lux did everything he said. It was this that his father wanted, planting lies and deceiving the young lion into doing what he wanted. Lux did his father's dirty work until one day he met his grandmother. His grandmother was a lot like Lux with his cold demeanor and snarky ways. It was how the two instantly connected. She was old, 14 years old for a lioness. However she gave Lux love and treated him no different even though she had a soft spot for him and he her.

Lux's father didn't like this as she was 'corrupting' his son, so whenever Lux defied his father he was beaten into submission. The young lion was often left for dead by his father's beating's. Because of these beating's Lux's pelt is marred with scars. He started to grow a hatred toward his father. His grandmother often healed him as she had practice in healing. She taught him almost everything she knew for if she wasn't there he would know how to patch himself up. For two years Lux spent his life doing his father's dirty work, it wasn't until his grandmother died, but left him a parting gift. She had a daughter when she disappeared for months on end. Her dying wish was for Lux to protect her daughter. To keep her away from the pride and the horror's they hold. Although the job wasn't equipped for a male he still accepted her wish as she was the only one to give him love and accept him.

When he wen't to the place where the cub was located he found out she was still young were she needed milk to feed her. This was difficult to do as he couldn't produce milk. He wanted to keep her a secret for as long as he could. But if he didn't get help from a nursing lioness the cub would starve and he would fail his grandmother. There was one lioness who owed him a favor and lost her litter to a pack of hyena's. She was still nursing and she liked Lux so she was more than willing to help him. She and Lux named the cub Loki and Vivian, the lioness who owed him raised Loki as her own. Lux soon learned that he enjoyed his young aunt's company and would spend hours on end playing with her. A few months later Lux's happy moment came to an end. On Vivian's daily rounds to see  Loki she was followed by Lux's father and was killed right in front of Loki. Lux came just in time to see the fight happen and Vivian die by his fathers hands. In a fit of rage Lux attacked his father to protect Loki and get revenge for Vivian. The battle was tiring, bloody, and loud enough to attract the attention of the pride. Lux's father was old and weary so he tired father than Lux and with Lux's rage fueling him didn't help. Lux had his father by the throat and in one last attempt to save his life he scratched Lux's right side and belly.

Lux snapped his father's windpipe as he gripped down in pain, ending his father's life. He was the victor, but an older brother of Lux attacked him in anger at the dismissal of their father. Knowing Lux was badly wounded drove him. Being attacked twice in a day and badly wounded Lux grabbed Loki who was in shock and fled as fast as he could while his brother drove him out of the territory. Being a few miles away from the territory Lux's brother gave up chase, but not before swearing to get vengeance. Lux didn't look back as he kept running, until he finally stopped from blood loss and exhaustion. Finding shade in undergrowth and tree's Lux dropped Loki on the ground and collapsed in a heat. Loki being out of her shock quickly healed Lux as he teached her a bit of what he knew. Lux was out for a few day's before he awoke to see a nasty scar.Loki helped Lux slowly recover, but they had to keep moving. During the next year Lux and Loki were chased all over by his brother's follower's. It was then that Lux had enough. He could not keep fighting so he chased Loki off, he knew of a pride that lived near by and they were kind folks. So he knew Loki was in good hands. Then he turned around and walked away as his Aunt's frame became only a speck of nothing. He never looked back.

Theme Song:

How did you find us?:
I breathed life into this place.

Joining Key:
Not required - Myth

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Character Information
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Species: Eurasian Lynx

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PostSubject: Re: Lux the snarky lion    Lux the snarky lion  EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 3:02 pm

Lux the snarky lion  10gd6wo

Before you begin rping please post in the links below.

Name Claim
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Lux the snarky lion
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