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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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PostSubject: Maitahl, The Rightful King   Maitahl, The Rightful King EmptyTue Sep 22, 2015 4:39 pm

Character Name: Maitahl [Pronounced - Mhai-taa-hlee]

Age: Four and three quarters

Species: Kodiak Brown Bear


Desired Rank: Solitary animal

Character Looks:
Maitahl is a very, very large bear. Being the largest breed of bear, he seems to have no fear of anything. Standing at 10 feet while on his hind paws, Maitahl is five feet on all four paws, and a couple inches. He weighs in at 1,342 lbs, and is surrounded by well-toned, rippling muscles. For his age, he is very fit, and after defeating his father, the previous "King", Maitahl walks proudly, as if he rules the bears in 'his' territory, and can go where he pleases. As drifters, bears don't often claim territories, but Maitahl doesn't wish to move, and his own section of land he defends, and any would be stupid to cross it. His eyes are a chocolate colour, glimmering so dark a brown they appear black. His fur is a dark, cherry brown colour, a rich mahogany during the colder seasons, growing ever softer and more luscious as the seasons progressed. But during the spring and summer, it slowly lightens until he's almost a tawny, blonde-brown, fur becoming wiry and thin. Strong, bone-crushing jaws, and a long muzzle is tipped with a large black nose. His paws are massive, with five sharp claws on each, that can dig into bark and prey.

Maitahl, The Rightful King SH_Bear_fish_2L-333x212
Maitahl, The Rightful King 15coverspan-articleLarge

When breeding season came around, Hershey, a sow, was mated by the largest male in the woods at the time, who was little more than a shadow. Months later, two cubs were born to Hershey, whom she named Maitahl and Scout. Maitahl had a normal cubhood, for the first couple of years of his life. He was born with Scout, the older, fiercer brother who loved to roughhouse with him. It seemed their whole lives, Maitahl and Scout were destined to be locked in competitive combat. As they grew up, Scout would shove Maitahl into the ground, only for Maitahl to rise up and shove back just as hard, reigning victories. It was a constant battle between them, and as they grew, it was quite obvious they had inherited their fathers' genes, as they rapidly grew in size. Often they would play tag, straying from their mothers' side and running off. Once they did, though, their mother would quickly call them back, and reprimand them to a smack from her paw, at first only knocking them down, but as they grew less sensitive, her sharp claws would rake across their sides, but nowhere lethal. Even with such punishment, Maitahl and Scout seemed to continue disobeying her over and over, even as she got more strict, and the punishments got more painful. One day, when Maitahl and Scout turned one, they were straying again, and came across another female cub. Now, Maitahl and Scout, were too young to care about genders, and quickly began roughhousing with Saki, the female cub, despite her protests at two against one.

It was not long before the playful attacks grew more aggressive, backing poor Saki into a ledge as she fled for her life. Unable to find another means of escape, Saki tumbled off the edge, plummeting to the icy river of doom below her. Shocked, Maitahl and Scout did not stay around to find out where her mother was, instead fleeing back to their own mother. However, it was not long before the cub's mother tracked her way back to Maitahl and his family. Hershey fought with her life for her cubs, as the evenly-matched bears went head to head for their children, seeing the other as a threat. As the fight quickly escalated, then came to a screeching halt, Hershey sent the other female limping away, snarling. Dragging both cubs back to the cave, they expected a particularly harsh punishment, but Hershey did not have the strength remaining to  harm them, instead slumping limply onto the cold rock of the cave, bleeding from her many wounds. The two siblings panicked, as they searched for ways to take care of her, naive in the ways of healing. However, they managed to catch small rodents for her to eat, leaving her starving, but alive. After a couple weeks, Hershey had her strength back enough to go hunting for small game herself, returning each night with something different. From then on, Maitahl and Scout were angels, or near it, as they behaved perfectly, not wanting a scare like the last time. But once again, when they were two, they attracted a lynx back to their den, by stealing and her only surviving kit. Hershey, once again forced to fight, had a much easier time with a creature so much smaller than her. However, Hershey had already had enough of their antics.

Chasing them out of her den, she left them to fend for themselves at the age of merely two, whereas most bears stayed with their dams until they were three. Forced to fall into the swing of being on their own completely, Maitahl and Scout stuck together for the most part, helping each other out. They did so almost a year, when mating season rolled around. Maitahl and Scout had their eyes set on the same sow, named Nanari. Scout challenged Maitahl for Nanari's affections, and Maitahl accepted. They launched into a grueling battle, that seemed to go on for hours. Attack after attack, it was hard to tell who was winning in all the blur. But slowly, Maitahl began to tire more and more, until he heard someone snarl to break them up. Turning around, it was the cubs' father, Jyne, unbeknowst to the boar himself. He had already won the rights to mate with Nanari, enraging both Maitahl and Scout. But while Maitahl had the sense to shrink back, and not challenge him, Scout, in a whirlwind of spit and anger, he swiped his claw at Jyne. It seemed less than a second that Scout was pinned, and Jyne tore his throat clean from his body. He would tolerate no disrespect, and the barely mature boar was no match for him, and wasn't expecting such a knee-jerk reaction. Maitahl, mourning his brother, slunk away, regretfully leaving his body there. As life went on, scars healed, and Maitahl became more and more fierce, challenging other males when they threatened him. Some he lost, some he one, but he was quickly accumulating veterans' scars on his pelt. Finally, the day he'd been waiting for came.

Jyne was growing old and tired. No one had yet challenged him, as he expertly kept him is image of power, but his weight had increased, slowing him. Now, Maitahl was a young new competitor, and had grown massively in size, rivaling Jyne himself, almost able to surpass him as Jyne's strength deteriorated, and his unhealthy mass increased. Challenging the King to his throne, bears gathered to see the fight, expecting Maitahl to get slain. And he almost was. Within a few seconds, Jyne had Maitahl pinned on his back, and it seemed like it was game over. But in a lightning reflex, Maitahl's paw moved, hooking into Jyne's mouth, and clawing his tongue viciously. Blood spattered onto his coat, as he curled up, rolling the elder bear off him as Jyne coughed and sputtered, trying not to choke on his own blood. Lunging again, Jyne reared as Maitahl slammed into him, bringing them both down. Jyne immediately clawed Maitahl's stomach, and tried to tear off his ear, instead getting a chunk of fur. Maitahl was rolled off, putting Jyne at the upper paw again, before Maitahl kicked a foot out, taking one of Jyne's braces out from beneath him. Toppling on top of Maitahl, Jyne was quickly overcome as Maitahl severed his jugular, killing him. Standing tall over his victim, he stared the younger males gathered to form a tight circle around the pair. His black eyes glittered as the blood began to dry on his coat.
"Let this be a warning, to any and all who try to challenge me..."
Saunting off, Maitahl felt proud, on top of the world, even. Unchallenged, and like he had successfully avenged his brother's death.

Theme Song:
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PostSubject: Re: Maitahl, The Rightful King   Maitahl, The Rightful King EmptyWed Sep 23, 2015 7:08 am

Maitahl, The Rightful King Pbucket

Before you begin rping please post in the links below.

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Maitahl, The Rightful King O9o3ur
I also rp Mercenary Lux and Remedy
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