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BC is a semi-realistic multi animal rpg where you can play as a feline, equine, canine, raptors, or even a bear. Join us today!
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 Feather's journey (Marmio's app)

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Won't let me put links down,so :l
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Feather's journey (Marmio's app) I_vote_lcap0%Feather's journey (Marmio's app) I_vote_rcap
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Feather's journey (Marmio's app) Empty
PostSubject: Feather's journey (Marmio's app)   Feather's journey (Marmio's app) EmptyTue Nov 01, 2016 6:05 pm

Character Name: Feather

Age: 5

Species: Red Fox

Male or Female Male

Desired Rank: ?? (solitary animal)

Character Looks:
(Be as descriptive as you can. Must be 1 paragraph long. Animals smaller or bigger than average must be bought, unique eye colors must be bought from the admin store.) Average size,soft,and creamy fur. His eyes sink deep into you as if he was your father. His gazing,green eyes are rounded and light. His head fur is a pumpkin orange although it is well kept and soft. While his head and neck fur are both creamy,soft,and well kempt hist body fur is ragged,dirty and almost always has some kind of knot or piece of dirt. He has developed a way to endure pain on his paws but will squeal like a cub for most other pain. He tries to work out battles and can't fight too good,although he is a great hunter,almost always coming back with prey in his belly. He has beared harsh times and learned to endure the pangs of hunger when they bite him. Although this goes away when something actually hurts/attack him,he flees almost instantly,knowing he doesn't want to die. He is logical and will try not to fight whenever he can. His tail is very bushy and is pretty neutral as to the body fur and head fur,it is soft but pretty dirty. He often looks strange with all the dirt and such on his torso,like he doesn't even bother with his body fur. Although some days he cleans his pelt completely.

(Pictures of your character)
[img](look at poll)

(Be as detailed as you can. Must be 3 paragraphs long or more.) When he was a baby,like most solitary animals his father left him to return to his territory. He was always hungry and whining. His mother was so kind,while his father was tough,and had a sense of tough love. His mother always took care of hm,his sister,and his brother even if it meant she had to sleep with a empty belly. She would often return with scratch marks all over her paws,always telling us to not worry about her and eat up. One day she had scars all over her and barely made it. Our father met her when she was hunting and saw her get hurt in a human trap. He dragged her home and she found it hard to breath. After that he left in the morning though.

As we were nearing the age where we left the den,our mother grew elderly and sick. I chose to stay with her as my brother and sister left. I hunted for her and did what she did for us,I often went to bed hungry as I shared all my prey with her. After what seemed to only be a while it was just her time... she died while I was out hungry,I moarned over her for the whole night then slept through the day. Waking up starved I went out hunting. I caught a chicken and eagerly ate it. When I returned I saw a shape in the den. There was a badger inside... Due to the creature stealing his home he had to find a new place to make a den and sleep.

He slept in the open that night,it was risky but nothing attacked him. At dawn he got up and found a nice rabbit hole and widened it, keeping it stable. He then covered up the other side with the extra dirt and threw the rest outside. He then went out for hunting. He was only three years old,which seems tiny in human years. Through the past couple years times were hard and were brutal,but he made it. But now,his journey continues here...

Theme Song:
(A song that describes your character; not needed)
How did you find us?:
(If it was a member please say who so they can be rewarded.) Just found it. No member told me.

Joining Key:
(Can be found in rules. We will not accept without the key to know you read the rules. There are two keys.) To kill a mocking bird Winter wonder land
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Character Information
Age: 6 years old
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PostSubject: Re: Feather's journey (Marmio's app)   Feather's journey (Marmio's app) EmptyWed Nov 02, 2016 4:50 pm

Hello Marmio! Sorry to say this site is inactive so I won't accept this bio, however, the link below will direct you to a site similar to this. I'm known as Nero on there and you can join that site should you wish to. Mind you it's a canine and feline roleplay, not an all species. Again I'm very sorry!

Feather's journey (Marmio's app) O9o3ur
I also rp Mercenary Lux and Remedy
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Feather's journey (Marmio's app)
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