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Solitary Animal 2♂ | 3♀ |5
Lykoan pride 1♂ | 2♀ |3
Erosea pack 1♂ | 2♀ | 3
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 Pride Ranks

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PostSubject: Pride Ranks   Pride Ranks EmptyMon Sep 14, 2015 6:20 pm

All the pride ranks

The Queen's are the second highest lionesses in the pride. They are respected and come in after the King. They are normally the first to breed. Their offspring are the next heir to the throne unless they step down, leave, or a rival beats them to it.
(you can have more than one queen, but they all must be related in some kind of way)

The king is the 'alpha' male lion in the pride. He rules over his land and the pride, his word is law as his voice will be heard. There normally is one King, but occasionally there is up to four. They eat first and protect the pride at any cost. Don't worry if you get any sudden aggression from a king, they are territorial.
(To have more than one king in a pride; they all have to be related in some way)

Heir / Heiress:
An heir is the next in line to become King and or Queen. They are often the favorite child of the King or Queen or have the qualities of a leader. There is only one Heiress or one Heir that will take over and find a mate.

Prince and Princess:
The Prince and Princess are the offspring of the King and Queen and often the next heir to the throne unless a challenger come's or they leave to make their own pride. Princes can be found patrolling and protecting the territory or training to become a Kahuna, Mercenary, Seeker, or Shaman. Princesses are the prides peacemakers. They can often be found helping out around whenever and where ever they can. They also might be training to become a different rank.

These are the younger lions training to be in their rank. They learn by all the adults in the pride. They age range between 5+ months to a year. They are still highly playful at this age and earn their rank at the age of a two years.

Seekers are the main hunters of the pride. They hunt for the pride and normally are females but every once in a while males help bring down the kill. Seekers are calm and fit for long distance runs, they know the best hunting spots and have an instinct when the pride is hungry and also have a knowing manner when prey come and go.

These are the males and females of a pride that are blood-thirsty with a hunger for the thrill of a fight. If the Kings aren't around or need back up they are to go into battle and protect the prides future cubs.

Elders are the lion's over the age 12 or are twelve. They often advise the King and Queen. They are the oldest lions in the pride and should be respected no matter what. If your in need of guidance look for and elder.

These are the healers of the pride, they are passionate for their talent in the healing touch. But when it comes to helping other lions, even rouges— they help. Unable to help their desire to heal. Kahunas are wise and full of faith, ready to help the pride in anyway they can.

These are the newborns of the pride. They age from 24 hours to 5 months. The pride protects their young at all costs. Cub's may suckle by any producing female in the pride then just their own mothers.

Pride Ranks O9o3ur
I also rp Mercenary Lux and Remedy
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Pride Ranks
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